Sainté Mobile Days

The most mobile event in France
for designers, developers and entrepreneurs!

22-23 November 2013 | Saint-Etienne, France

SMD 2013

Sainté Mobile Days (SMD) is a two days conference aimed at mobile designers, developers, and entrepreneurs. SMD brings together mobile visionaries to discuss cutting edge topics such as HTML5 for mobile design, UX for mobile interfaces, tips on how to make your mobile App successful and much more.

You’ll learn tons of practical techniques during 1 day of superb talks, followed by 1 day of hands-on workshops.

Sainté Mobile Days 2013 takes place at Télécom Saint-Etienne on November 22nd, and 23rd. Mark your calendar.


  • Jeff Haynie

  • Patrick H. Lauke

  • Lyza Danger Gardner

  • Philippe Charrière

  • Maxime Fortelle

  • Boydlee Pollentine

  • Stéphanie Walter

  • Sebastien Desbenoit

  • Rob Rusher

  • Neil Churcher

  • Christian Brousseau

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Two full days of mobile goodness and a fun packed party on Friday night, with free lunches both days, plus tea, coffee, and snacks.

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